Semen Cravings Normal?

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I have been very successful as of late avoiding ejaculation. (almost three months now) I feel terrific. Sleeping well, boundless energy, becoming leaner in stature, etc. etc.

However, as a straight man I am having a most unusual craving: I am craving semen. It's so strong a craving that even after I fasted for a full day once, I wanted to ingest semen more than I wanted a regular meal.

Has this happened to anyone else? Might there be some micronutrients my body is no longer producing with such a lenghty period of not ejaculating?

Mind, you, I am not having homosexual thoughts. It's NOT sex with a man I am craving. Just the fluid. I am thinking more in terms of getting it in a pill or some stored container of it........



I think so. Part of the past

I think so. Part of the past three months has been an overall "health improvement" effort. My diet has probably been as good as it has ever been. Doing a low glycemic "40-30-30" sort of thing. 40% carbohydrate. I am just trying to make them "good" ones like fruits and veggies.


I have never heard of that, although I find it most curious. I wonder what is it about the semen that seems to be causing this craving? Taste? Temp? I concur with Marnia about the rebooting stage...

I'm encourgaged (very much thank you) by your 3 month report to. Energy, stature etc...all sounds fantastic.

Not sure why/what

Thank you folks. Glad things just appear to be an "odd craving". As wstcstlad asked, I can't say that it's anything about the taste or temp. Possibly it's perceived salty taste. My diet these days emphasizes low sodium. Maybe it's a sodium deficiency? But why not pretzels and beer?

Again, nothing SEEMS sexual about it. It's not causing me to want to see photos or anything. A small cup of the stuff would be fine.

Very weird. What I wonder, though, is there truly some benefit to the stuff. I have read in the context of women that semen helps preeclamsia (sp) and the like. Might males benefit as well?



on not ejaculating for 3 months. do you have an individual practice to circulate and transform sexual energy or do you practice karezza with a partner?