Still losing energy after lovemaking - can anyone help?

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Dear Karezza friends,

I wrote a forum topic a month or two ago about my experience losing energy every time after Karezza (or almost-Karezza - in any case, always without orgasm) lovemaking. I had thought that the reason was connected to using a latex condom.

Since then, we have tried a different brand of latex condom - one or two times I did not seem to have loss of energy, but afterwards I noted the same loss of energy with this other brand. I ordered lambskin condoms and we tried these several times. The feeling with these was significantly better, but I experienced the same loss of energy. So I was convinced that it was the condoms.

Recently we made love with no condom (which normally we don't want to be doing), and I was very surprised to note the exact same loss of energy afterward (in spite of a very wonderful lovemaking experience).

Whenever this loss of energy happens (and it is nearly every time), I feel it suddenly. I am feeling fine, we have been making love for at least 10 or 15 minutes, and then suddenly, I feel the energy is gone. It is not a gradual thing.

The last time I did a Chinese energy circulation exercise (a version of the microcosmic orbit) afterward. This had helped me to a certain extent in the past. While practicing it, I felt it was helping me somewhat, and then I tried something new - while doing the exercise, I relaxed my belly. (I remembered what I had read in some places about the belly needing to be relaxed for the energy to flow properly). I continued practicing the exercise, but with a relaxed belly, and I started feeling significantly better. Before lovemaking, I was feeling great, like I had the energy, enthusiasm, and will to do a hundred things during the day. After lovemaking, I felt drained, like I had none of this will to do anything today, and that it would be yet another day of just plodding through without energy or enthusiasm and waiting for the energy to gradually come back so I can live again. After the exercise while relaxing my belly, I felt like I had energy and enthusiasm again, and that I could live my day and do things after all.

I am now starting to bring some attention to my belly, and notice that I am holding it tense most, or much of the time. Relaxing it is something of a new sensation for me. Could it be that my recurrent problem is due to tension in my belly during lovemaking (which is blocking the energy flow somehow)?

I would be really grateful for anyone's ideas, experiences, thoughts, or advice.

Thank you!

I feel sorry for you. What I

I feel sorry for you. What I can suggest that you should try to incorporate less motion and more bonding action in your love making. Try to feel you and your lovers closeness and union during. You should try below and experience how you feel. Try get those feeling during lovemaking. Those feeling will be more intense and profound during your karezza on my opinion.