Happy Sannyas Day to me! :-)

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Hi y'all,

On this day in 1985 I formally became a "sannyasin" of Osho Rajneesh in Rajneeshpuram Oregon. I was among the last to do so on the "Ranch". That was thirty years ago! My time flies. I love celebrating this day. Smile


"Arnold" aka Sw. alok ansula


Special Day.

Hi Marnia,

I cherish it because it marked a major turning point in my life. I was given glimpses of ways of being that are still elusive for me in community and extraordinarily beautiful. So much of my life in recent years has been very difficult, but that one piece remains a joy and Osho remains my primary source of inspiration. It was also my first experience of a deep level of safety around people. That too remains challenging to recreate for me, but at least I know its possible.

At the time, it was a pretty crazy looking gesture. By the time I took sannyas, Osho had just been released from jail and was heading to India. The Ranch had a reputation that was exceedingly controversial and in the papers regularly. But my intuition was clear and I followed it. I've never regretted it. There are things that I experienced that in my understanding still lie in our collective future (if we have one).

That day lies right on the brink of a major change in the movement of followers that had gathered around Osho. Prior to that time, sannyas was pretty important and serious to many. After he started speaking again, all the trappings of the "movement" were discarded (including the rituals surrounding sannyas) and we got down to the basics of meditation. So its a bit of a paradoxical identity to carry. On the one hand, I love it, cherish it, and celebrate it and on the other it's kind of like an elaborate joke. It reminds me very strongly of the concept of Divine Play or "Leela".

It's a time to rattle the spiritual ego in me. Thirty years of pursuing meditation is a long time, and yet I still consider myself "unenlightened" or at least still seeking a solid experience of my true nature. That could be a source of embarrassment or a source of laughter amongst those of us who are on a similar quest. I get great joy out of laughing over my situation with others.

It's also when I come out of the closet. I tend not to expose my sannyasinness to most people. I figure they don't understand. I would rather meet people at a level to which they can relate. In this rather conservative town (and the military in which I was raised), its pretty important and virtually impossible to parade around as a crazy love struck meditator. So on one day each year, I get to really let loose and have fun. This is that day.

Make sense?

Namaste my friend.
Thanks for all you've done here and through your books.

"Arnold" aka Ansula.