A wee request in support of healing in community

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Hi y'all,

I've just created a new Facebook page called "Okanagan Cuddle Party Community". I would really appreciate it, if you would "like" it for me. It helps create a much needed "Buzz".


Garth aka "Arnold"



I facilitated a bigger one yesterday afternoon and it went well too. I'm hoping to host and facilitate small cuddle parties weekly: my Naturopath's suggestion! It seems to help in a number of ways.



Regular cuddle parties in a

Regular cuddle parties in a place with fewer humans could get interesting. Eventually, group dynamics form. You're not strangers. And then? Time will tell.

Does the training contemplate these situations? I attended one in a big city. While a few people knew each other, most did not.

Cuddle Party Training

Hi Freedom,

The training focusses mostly on the logistics and process of getting to a point where a person can facilitate a good Cuddle Party consisitently. There is a Facebook group for Cuddle Party facilitators where all kinds of things get discussed. I'm still fairly new at this and learning fast (also running into significant challenges locally), but I'm really intrigued by exactly this dynamic.

Cuddle Party, in my understanding, is basically an experiment in community founded on Love, Consciousness and Play grounded very powerfully through touch and kept safe by putting aside sexual attractions temporarily. This is fundamentally different from the dominant paradigm in our culture.

I read an article today that I find intriguing. I was looking for Margaret Mead's observation that the nuclear family was traditionally used only in times of war. I found this: http://www.marklevine.ca/Mark_Levine/Articles_by_Mark_Levine/Entries/200...

I don't know if he's aware of Cuddle Party, but I will let him know. It's a great experiment in moving towards what he's describing.

Thanks for writing.



And it's been remarkably elusive. It remains fragile, but at least I have something I can pour my energy into other than frustration and despair. Thanks for your support!