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It’s been a while since most of the (us) porn guys splintered into the multitude of sites on that topic. While I’ve visited some of those sites, I’ve not blogged/journalled/etc. on them. I tend to be private, probably to my detriment. I'm not sure why I blogged as I have here. Perhaps I somehow seperated myself from the content.

I’ve pondered what about the site here seems to have jumpstarted the many sites. Was it the notions presented or something about the process and structure of here? I’m inclined to say it was the latter as I don’t think there are too many men who had never contemplated whether porn was having an impact on them. Cause and effect demand examination and even more so when one engages in an activity with more regularity.

It seems then that there was some aspect of the structure: blogging, the moderator/community engagement, and possibly the offline dialogs that contributed the seeds to the current outgrowths.

For me, at least, that structure was helpful (albeit time consuming) and is something I’ve not yet been able to recreate offline. I have considered pen pals, but that hasn’t worked out, yet. That process suffers from many of the in-person problems: mutual interest, attention span, time, etc. 

Does anyone have any other ideas? While I could write/journal with more regularity, I’m not sure writing for myself is as useful as writing to others. Journaling can meander while conveying some state or idea to others requires more engagement. While I could simply blog more here or elsewhere online, that isn’t that appealing, perhaps because of private person issues in an often too public world.




I tried

some of those other porn liberation sites and never felt the welcoming support I've gotten here. I even got kicked off of one! (I was being very evangelical about continence and CPA)
Many thanks to Marnia and Gary for their pioneering work!

Hi Freedom

We're traveling, hence slow response. It's a fluke that this was ever a porn recovery form, and I'm not sure how it all happened. I agree with you that this is a unique place, and I sometimes wondered if its chief function was to incubate the knowlege that the first batch of brave explorers discovered as they recovered from porn.

Since I read recovery accountes from various forums, I can recommend and as perhaps being best suited to your needs. I wish I could do more to support you, but w-a-y too much of my time goes into supporting YBOP. It has really distracted me from my passion, which is karezza. Maybe the time just hasn't arrived.

Anyway, don't give up. You're an amazing guy!

It does seem to be helpful

for some, but the sexual climate of the world is too "hot" right now to "sell" karezza, I fear. That said...the ancient Daoists taught that when a situation becomes excessively yang, it can switch to yin rather suddenly. Perhaps porn-induced sexual dysfunctions are an example of that. And maybe when the word gets out, the world will be ready.

Did I share this article here? It's the last of a 3-article debate between Zimbardo/Wilson and Klein. Skeptic » Reading Room » More on Porn: Guard Your Manhood—A Response to Marty Klein


That comment section freaks me out a bit.

As for the yin yang bit, sometimes it might be better not to look at the world as a collection of polar opposites. Because that'd be worse.

Get it?



Great rebuttal by Philip and Gary: concise, data-driven, to the point.

I feel for you and Gary, trying to get the word out on porn/ED and Karezza in the face of either (1) ignorant commenters or (more likely) (2) paid disinformation shills.

Keep fighting, Marnia, Gary, and Philip! You are doing us Earth-bound humans a great service!


To look at my porn addiction could not be avoided if I was going to stop seeking orgasm.
Thank you Marnia and all youse guys who've supported me over the years.