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Poor Me

My wife does not like passionate kissing because she finds it too arousing. When she gets aroused, her mind turns to orgasmic intercourse. So, we do not engage in passionate kissing, as I am against proceeding to orgasmic intercourse.

But, she does not want to engage in an experiment of two weeks of orgasmic intercourse, to relive and remember the pains that arise from such.

Two hard-headed, 'I am in charge' folks makes for more difficulties than we really ought to have.

Oh well, poor me (and poor her).

100% agree. Kissing is the

100% agree. Kissing is the true expression of love and bond of trust. We don't know how many times we kiss a day. When at home around our children, we do kiss non sexually with least tongue. And of course when alone together we engage in deep-passionate-sloppy-tongue kissing as if our life depends on it. We can pass few days without making love, but not a single without making out. :)