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Am I correct in saying, serotonin and oxytocin is released before orgasm and dopamine is released with orgasm. Sero and oxy is parasympathetic and dopamine is sympathetic nervous system response


It's not that simplistic. My understanding is that dopamine builds as you become aroused (it's most synonymous with "craving" and "anticipation of pleasure"), peaking at climax, and dropping off rapidly.

Oxytocin in the blood peaks at orgasm and drops down more slowly than dopamine. (But what it does in the brain, and what effects it may have on feelings as a result, are not fully established.)

Serotonin rises after orgasm and is thought to inhibit desire. However, there are some 15 serotonin receptors in the body, so effects may be complex with activation of one type of serotonin receptor countering the effects of another type of serotonin receptor.

Neurotransmitters released within the brain cannot classified as either sympathetic and parasympathetic.

You may like this article: https://www.reuniting.info/wisdom/neotaoism_and_karezza.

In other words, there's still a lot to learn - including the ways in which many other neurochemicals and their receptors play into sexual activity.

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Neuro chemical of sex

Hi Marnia, much appreciate the reply. I just want to know, if someone replies to a post of mine, should I get a notification of any sort, cause I did not get anything, just checked back in, glad I did. But maybe that is something you guys could change.

My wife suffers from a autoimmune issue called alopecia areata, and we know it starts in the gut. She had thyroid cancer and had it totally removed but swallowed radiation pills, so the stomach must look like hell. Anyway, the whole Idea is to keep the sympathetic nervous system as calm as possible, as we are trying to keep the hair loss at a minimum and trying to stimulate hair growth. So if karezza style love making with activate parasympathetic that stimulate rest and repair, then frequent practice could actually be good for her healing. I know orgasm triggers sympathetic for a short while, hence we refrain from it for that reason already, but so many other sources stating the benefits of orgasm for health, but I don't buy into just normal commercial sex advice, so I want to know what happens inside the body to get behind the truth of what is best for us