Meet The Karezza Couple (Interview video)

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Is karezza sex without orgasm?

We do not agree. I practice karezza since more than sixty years, but allow full orgasm once, but not more than twice a week.
Which is the basic secret for me to be able to do sex every day. But this every day we let it come, riding the wave, only to 60 to 90 percent before the PONR. This riding the wave lasts only abt. 30 minutes plus foreplay, but within this time so many hormones and messengers are freed in the body, that you feel like beeing high,. J never took drugs, excep 250 gtamms of red wine daily
I think that the man in the interview meant precisely this.

However, learnig it means al lot of self-control-

I wrote sometimes here in the blog (thanks a lot, Marnia!). Maybe you´ll find some of it still here.
Not all women will agree, but once I knew one who wanted to extend it for 2 or three hours, but wanted an end with orgasm.

Remember that YOU ARE NOT TIRED after these sessions, because of all the juices and hormones beeing released and circulating in your body.

We, that is my darling 48 yrs, and me, 88.
And: If the man "knows how to", he will probably infect most woman.
And I owe all this to the book of Alice Stockham, found at a bookiniste across the Notre Dame in Paris.
( I think: the ethics of marriage or so )