Karezza and endometriosis

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I would like if you guys could talk about Endometriosis and Karezza, For one I'm guessing it makes the endometriosis easier?

Oh and btw I found a ladyfriend who likes me Biggrin


I've heard women say that their cramps eased with karezza, but I don't recall anything about endometriosis specifically.

Is she open to trying the ideas?

One of our first times

One of our first times together we just did manual and oral stimulus and I experienced a tantric orgasm and so I was explaining it to her and she said it would be nice to have sex without having pain after, so I believe yes

I've had tantric/taoist style whole body orgasms by myself, but never with another person before this, I think it's because she enjoys doing things more slowly

Ah well sadly Idk where it is

Ah well sadly Idk where it is going anymore, It was a casual dating situation where she didn't feel quite ready for something and we seemed to be having fun together both in and out of the bedroom and which I accepted bc I think looking for someone old-fashioned I have found severely limits my options to people I really like. I was fine with it as long as we were regularly seeing one another.

She basically blew me off a couple times, both with legit sounding reasons, and then I decided to wait for her to initiate after that; after a week and a half not seeing each other, I determined there was no progress happening, so I told her I was going to give her space to become ready for a relationship and so that's that for now..

I'm sorry

Casual sex often seems to lead to dissatisfaction, or a need for novelty/readiness to try to "trade up."

Were you consistent with karezza, or taking a more gradual approach to bringing it up?