100 days record! A new life, new me!

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I have decided to go on a 100 days non-ejaculation!

I have no addiction with porn. I watch it only randomly/occassionally.
I do have problem with loneliness and having nothing to do on spare time (I don't have many friends, due to the fact that I travel a lot and live in different countries and states a few times a year). So I think having a gf now would help a lot. From past experience, I know that when I have gf, I never feel the need to Mtb.

So today is Day 3.

No wood today, probably because the last 2 days I spent my energy doing some weight lifting.


now I see why you're here. I thought it was just to make random comments on old threads. Biggrin

Good luck with your challenge.

TOday is day 5. SInce 10

TOday is day 5. SInce 10 April was my first day.

No wood still, probably from the weight training with dumbells.
keeping myself occupied.

Last night bad imsomnia, was turning around on my bed till around 2am. Even when I slept, it was shallow sleep, kept waking up.

Not sure how to cure insomnia

Not sure how to cure insomnia. Hmm, maybe do 30 push ups? Last night I did 30 sit ups, then fell asleep.

DAY 6.

Still master of my domain! Noticed something interesting yesterday the whole day.

I'm beginning to appreciate simple looking beautiful women, even those that I wouldn't have the hots for in the past.

I never have the hots for her in the past - in the past I would just pass on her photos and try to look for more stunning ones. But yesterday upon chancing on her photo online, I start to find myself appreciating her curves, her simple pretty face. WOuld you believe it, I used to think she looks dull !

In the past, a girl has to have a very hot and stunning face and body for me to lust after.



I made it! It's 1 week since I decided to not open up the yellow river!

Did some weight lifting yesterday afternoon, feeling very very warm last night.

Marnia, are you saying that just looking at the non-nude bikini photo of the model = porn????

Marnia, did I relapse?

Marnia, did I relapse?
What is the definition of relapse? Mtb? Ejaculation?

When I wake up in the morning I do get a very strong wood, and I did pumped the tool a bit. But did not lead to ejaculation.

I do feel a bit tired and sleepy now it's 3pm in the afternoon, but I woke up early this morning at 8am and did the laundry and dry the clothes under the hot tropical sun. So my tiredness is 50% due to the pump and 50% due to house chores.

Also, another point. I now live in a very small asian town, my hometown (just moved back from Sydney Australia). I'm helping my dad in his company (my house!) so ends up I don't meet people at all. Evenif I go out, most of the people here are older generation parents and young kids. The people in their 20s and 30s are all working in bigger cities. Sometimes I feel like I'm wasting my time here because no way to find a real gf in this town. So sometimes it feels really frustrating. When my mum comes back from Australia I swear I'm going to spend more time in the big city, currently I'm taking care of the house for my mum while she's away.

This afternoon I went to the shopping centre for lunch. 2 tables next to me is a pretty and sweet girl in her early 20s or late teens. SHe's really sweet , eating KFC with her mum, and looked at me a few times. When she went to the basin to wash her hands, I went too, but I couldn't think of anything to say to her......kinda tired and sleepy... not in the right state.

It's nice of you to help out your folks

Sounds like it won't be for long. And, as you saw, you only need the "right" girl, not necessarily a big selection. Smile

Next time you have a chance like that, say, "Hi, My name is Tshirt. What's yours?" With a big smile. Ask her what she likes to do when she's not eating KFC with her mom. That should make her giggle. If she seems open to it, suggest she give you her number.

Never mind whether you relapsed. Who cares? I'm just pointing out that too much porn use can lead to the habit of clicking on lots of images...and if you're doing that, you're still hooked on pixels, rather than connecting with real girls. The goal of unhooking from porn is to connect with real potential partners.

Spend more time shopping. Wink

And maybe choose a non-girly pic for your avatar.

Today is DAY 10!!!!

Today is DAY 10!!!!

Yesterday spent the whole day driving long distance with my dad. I noticed that keeping keeping my seed makes me more confident and steadier in driving. Also, I drove for 3 hours in the afternoon, and then another 3 hours at night. Wasn't even sleepy or tired!!! Wide awake and in control.

Today, woke up with a great erection. Still keeping it safe.

It's time to update what

It's time to update what happened to me in the past 2 weeks.

On 19th April I was too bored and had a bit of balls cramp, and I thought I better let it out just to ease the discomfort. Ok totally regretted it, because when I ejaculated it wasn't intense pleasure, but more of just a mechanical release. On a scale of pleasure maybe 3/10.

On the 21st, I went to the big city to escape the small town that drove me crazy and depressed. Living in a small town long term just made me feel so down, feel like I have ambition and goals but no way of taking action. Felt like a retiree. Ok I admit sometimes the depression gets so bad that I use mtb (without e) to lift me up.

Today is a new cycle - Day 12. I promise not to let boredom or depression or balls cramp get the best of me this time.

Anyway, after I moved to the big city, I went out everyday exploring. On the 3rd day , I got the drive to speak to 2 girls in the train station. First one, I was in the train and this sweet looking girl came on board, sat in the same carriage. I admired her, and I got the drive to follow her off the train and talk to her. She was really friendly and nice, but after a few sentences such as "where do you work?", she said in a bank which is opposite the station. She was going the opposite direction to exit the station, while I was walking towards the machines. Then I didn't know how to continue the chat. I wanted to ask "what's your name? can i have your facebook?" but thought it was too soon and too direct. And I just said "Ok, thanks, bye".
Ok totally regretted that.

Later in the afternoon, saw a tall nice girl walking near the station, and I talked to her asking direction. She is really nice and helpful, and this time it;s a bit better. We were walking down the same direction, and had opportunity to drag the chat. Got her name, and she told me to add her in fb.

On April 30 (yesterday =Day 11?), i had sex with a girl, you could call it karezza? I had sex but didn't ejaculate. But the experience was so intense. Pleasure scale 8 to 9/10. Each thrust felt like heaven. I was rock hard, and my body so enegetic, and ended up banging her for 45 minutes!

Then in the afternoon in the mall, there was this salesgirl for a perfume that looked like a million bucks supermodel. I mean she is so much hotter than Salma Hayek. With a beautiful supermodel's face, perfect body, tall, long legs, slim waist, great breasts, and I normally wouldn't be able to bring myself to talk to someone as perfect looking as that. But yesterday afternoon I decided I wanted to talk to her and asked for her number. I just stood there glancing at her from about 10metres away. After a while, she walked over to me, and gave me a card with perfume on it. I chatted her up, asking her name, whether she's married, she said she's still single. Then I directly asked for her number and she gave it to me. She told me she's a model as well. She stood there about more than 5 minutes chatting with me.

Today day 12, I noticed my face skin complexion is so much better? My skin's really smooth, looks younger, and the old pimple scar bumps not that visible anymore. Also I was having dinner in a restaurant and I saw my reflection in a mirror, and I noticed that my face and eyes looked healthier and filled with a youthful energy. It;s really hard to explain. In the past when I'm not keeping my mojo, the impression of my appearance was "lethargic", "tired"?
Anyway, really pleased to see great improvement. Let's see better improvements from here.

I think it's a combination of

I think it's a combination of keeping myself busy, having goals and tasks to complete preplanned.

Having preplanned tasks for the next few days will make me think twice when I feel like mtb or E. My automatic thought will be, "If I ejeculate, I will be a dull, weak, uncharismatic and tired person tomorrow. I can't, I need to achieve this and that".

Also, remembering what day I'm at also plays a huge part. This round I am using a lot of CURIOSITY, wanna find out what happens when I reach 30 days, 60 days.

Today is Day 19?

Today is Day 19?

Had very hard erection yesterday afternoon while sitting in the car thinking about sex.
Last night almost gave in to the urge to E. M a little but stopped when I reached about 70% of point of no return. in the end I came to my senses.
So lucky Im still safe.

What saved me?
1) Curiosity to reach at least 30 days or more.

2) Don't want to go back to Square 1.



I am sad to report on the night of Day 21, I fell off the wagon.

Reason: I've been on a business trip for 1 week to plantations. Everyday I would sit in the car and be driven to inspect plantations. I spend between minimum 4 hours to 10 hours each day in the car travelling from the city to the plantations in the countryside and back. At the end of each day, I would be exhausted. No contact with women at all. There was only once that I went to the town to the phone shop to buy a phone SIM card, and flirted with the young girl at the shop. She was quite friendly with me actually.

Yesterday night was the 6th day living like this. I was very tired and depressed last night, plus couldn't sleep. Felt so frustrated that I used m to released the stagnant energy. I think it's stuck down there because I was kinda touching myself a bit, and noticed some semen at the tip of my penis. I thought, man, I must be really clogged up inside for it to come up so easily, and also I was feeling so depressed.

Well, the first time I started this in early April, I did it for 10 days.
Then the second time, I went 21 days.
This time, I am determined to go 1 month.
My work location is certainly not helping- Spending the whole day either in the car or in the plantation with not much female contact for a week. Thank god I only come to the plantations one week every month.

Yes, that's what I did.

Yes, that's what I did. Because I was so tired, I could not imagine clearly. So no porn when i mtb,

It is strange, for the past 5 days I didn't have an erection when i wake up. But this morning, on 2nd day of new cycle, I got a huge erection when I woke up. Maybe has something to do with clearing my system????

It's been quite a while since

It's been quite a while since I last posted. I think about 2 months ago I successfully went for about 2 to 3 weeks without ejaculation, but again because my work required that I live in a small town and only have male contacts and going into agricultural land to inspect, sitting all day in the car for minimum 4 hours a day,... by the end of the day it gets really dull and upsetting.

I am in my mid 30s, and hanging around with men who are all above 50 everyday.
I try to abstain from m but after about 5 days of this I feel very depressed and feel like life is not worth living.

I only have to go to that small town for about 10 days each month, and its already depressing me. I admit I had to use m as a way to lift up my feelings, and ejaculation as a way of relieving depression.

Anyway, just last week after abstaining for about 1 week, I was in that small town again, and I PMO. After that, felt relieved. BUT the next day, I noticed my energy drop like a rock. I was just sitting in the car for a long journey to the plantation (5 hour car ride to, spend 2 hours in the farm, and another 5 hours back). Also skipping lunch. By evening, I was totally exhausted and had a massive migraine caused by low energy. Energy was so low that I felt like vomiting!

After that I am really scared of O again. Will multivitamins help?

Substitute activities?

Can you do something else to distract yourself from PMO?

Watch a movie? Read a novel? Browse in a bookstore or library? Find a girlfriend and just talk on the phone, or "phone snuggle"?

Any opportunities to socialize in that town? Dance halls?

New cycle started on 16th

New cycle started on 16th July. Just passed 1 week.

Yeah I realize that work in the small town is isolating me from women! LOL.
Luckily I only spend about 1 week each month there.

I plan to go to the big city for the rest of the month each month. Planning to set up a new business.

Yes, many guys

say vigorous exercise is really helpful. And the research confirms that it's a powerful mood regulator due to its effects on the brain. Plus you get sexier by the day. Wink

It's almost 2 weeks since I

It's almost 2 weeks since I started this cycle now. Started on 16th July.

Still recovering from my weight lifting a few days ago. No strong erection really.

Also, I am now on my trip to that small town again for 1 week, sitting in the car for at least 3 hours minimum each day. Usually start the car trip to the plantation around 8am, come back late afternoon. Sometimes no food until I get back, so the whole trip was starving and hypoglycemic. This really drains my energy and erection away. I;m hanging around men in their 50s and 70s who are obsessed with losing belly fat, so they don't care to eat much.

Tonight -Feeling really horny to watch some porn. In fact I just watched some, but couldn't get erection, so I lost interest.

Day 17 today?

Day 17 today?

Was travelling in the car for 12 hours today. Was able to get a very hard erection in the car in the afternoon. But by evening, I was so tired from sitting in the car all day.
No erection at night, couldn't......


Well, did you need one

for some purpose?  Erections can be spontaneous, but the only time you really need them is when you want to have sex. If sex is not an option, don't count on Mr. Happy to perform.

Having an erection makes me

Having an erection makes me feel strong, fit and manly. Not being able to have an erection seems a bit worrying for me.

Day 18 today.

I do feel this conservation period has brought some changes:
- feeling more grounded (less nervous, less unsure). More secured.
- having the energy to perform tasks such as long period of driving or walking, without feeling tired. Lots of energy reserves to call on.
-more personality, deeper voice.
-the feeling that I can take on a big project ahead (because I now have the energy reserves).
-don't feel angry or provoked so easily, more in control of emotions.

On day 16, the old neckache came back. Last year, when I did a 2 week semen conservation, the progress was stopped when one day I started having a sharp stabbing pain in my neck (recurring every few minutes). I attributed that to 'excess heat' (chinese TCM terminology), because my urine was yellow and I felt heaty inside.

This time, instead of doing a M to release the pent up heat, I tried to drink heaps of water. I figured I might be dehydrated. And luckily the water did the trick.