18 year old gay man who wants to find out more about karezza?

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Like the title says, I find the concept very interesting. But it seems that all of the advice is directed towards straight couples engaging in PIV sex. I tried contacting Marnia Robinson for advice, but she basically told me to go write a book about it. So what am I supposed to do? How can I find out more about this concept relating to homosexuality and not PIV intercourse?

It's a good question

Maybe you're too focused on the intercourse part of the "advice". From my experience, Karezza starts and ends with (and doesn't really work at all without) other behaviors that are intended to exchange comforting, loving energy with each other, such as eye gazing, gentle touch, massage, smiling, cuddling, etc. I imagine that doing those things with each other frequently (at least daily) would produce similar benefits in same-sex couples. Also, taking sex at a much slower pace increases sensitivity, which probably translates to same-sex couples as well. (of course, I really don't know, just guessing..). Limiting or avoiding orgasm also confers many benefits sexually and in the relationship which I imagine same-sex couples could probably realize in a similar fashion. The point there is to convert intercourse from a "mating" activity into a "bonding" activity.

But the PIV thing, specifically, has a lot to do with the interplay between positive and negative poles which, in a same-sex relationship, I have no idea how that would work. I think that's the only part of Karezza that doesn't map to same-sex relationships in an obvious way. Perhaps that's where you could enlighten us!