70 days in, only nighttime erections returned til now..

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Hi all,

So i'm near Day 70 now. Had some O with partner, no pm.
In my reboot I recognized nighttime erections that Developed from sluggish to really hard now, they appear almost every night, One Time i also had a wet Dream. I didn't witness One Thing or the other for a Long Time before. So i think this is a Good sign.

Otherwise - nothing. Little sparks of Libido maybe appearing now and then, but nothing more, no erections during daytime possible, Even with touching.
I could really use some help on Motivation, because meanwhile i'm really getting anxious if there will be any improvement from this Point, as i'm in this State for Weeks now.

Did anyone recognize nighttime erections and morningwood withouth Libido and or daytime erections and recovered in the end?
Well in the end I know the Problem is Not my penis, right?

The First Weeks have Been really Easy in comparision to this now!

Sorry for the Strange writing as i Write on a cell phone

Thanks for all your work, you're all awesome!!


I made my reboot untill 85 days without PMO, but then i got chaser effect and i relapsed many times after that,even with P.Im 20 years old,but i think i needed much more time for my reboot.Now i going for 120+ days for sure,whatever happens. It depends much how old are you and how addicted.

rorr wrote:

[quote=rorr] It depends much how old are you and how addicted.[/quote]Why does age matter ?

I'm 20 as well as you are but Why does age play a role in recovering?

I have no libido and have

I have no libido and have experienced nighttime and morning erections since before and at the start of trying to reboot. With all different kinds strengths but definitely no spontaneous erections during the day. Right now I'm on day 8 again but I've been attempting this reboot since November with highs of 28 35 and 42 days. Also keep in mind the consensus is that complete abstinence helps most guys reboot the quickest but either way I wouldn't stress about it. Your at 70 days starting to see improvements already just think how you'll feel at day 90. Also maybe for the next 30 have no O to see if that helps.

it's not age per se that matters

it's the experiences you had or didn't have prior to getting addicted to porn. If you are older you probably had more "natural" experiences at least before high speed video porn became common.

This isn't necessarily true. I am older than most of the guys here and I had issues with erotic stories more than video and I started that very early in my life. The point is, did you your adult sexuality without porn or without a huge influence from porn FIRST or did you go directly into porn?

A guy who is 20 here may have had no adult sexual experiences before porn began influencing him. His brain didn't yet develop those neural pathways that an older guy managed to develop. Young guys often have a more difficult path to recovery for this reason.


Oh bugger...

...so that means my recovery could take a while (been 1 week so far)? I started on cable TV porn, which I guess is no different to internet video porn. 10yrs of this shit. Oh well, 4-6months is a drop in the bucket I guess.