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Hi all, I want to give you an update about my journey so far. I'm 90 days into the rebooting process now with no porn, no masturbation and a few orgasms from sexual intercourse.

It's all getting better now. The first days I was extreme horny without the possibility to have an erection, but then this all faded away and I slipped into the flatline.

Then the nighttime erections gradually came back and I realized a single wet dream.

Two days ago I had wonderful sex with no pressure at all, I have to admit I used Levitra but I'm pretty sure I don't need it. But it gives me some confidence I would need at the moment.

I didn't had a full boner when having foreplay, but it was easy to get one with a little help and lube, and then it was very hard and long lasting, also I had very good feelings and absolutely no pressure. I didn't had sex for two weeks before this and I thought I would not be able to last long because of this, but I lasted really long and it was very satisfying for the both of us.

I think the true rebooting began later because I had thoughts about porn that were hard to fight, I don't have this thoughts or fantasies any more now.

The nighttime erections are a bit weaker now and don't appear every night, but I think this is because I smoke a lot of cigarettes again since three weeks - I will stop this weekend.

I write this go give those interested confidence for their rebooting travel. I believe this is possible and a lot of things are already better.

Thanks marnia!

Thanks marnia!

I have rock(!)-Hard morningwood partially meanwhile but still Problems with normal Masturbation (dont doing it, just checking) and Sex, so i'm still waiting and i should wait another while i think... Well..



that's great! I'm glad things are progressing. I have nighttime/morning wood but haven't been able to have sex due to still having ed. So it seems like maybe it's not a good indications of full recovery since you are able to maintain erections.

When you had sex, did you use a condom? Also, when you used lube to get the erection, did it stay a long time without additional stimulation or did you stick it in right away? The reason I ask is that I can get an erection using lube and my hand but then it tends to go away real fast if I stop stroking. This gives me a lot of pressure because i need to stick it in really fast or else it will go limp.

fixme: Hmm no, no condom

fixme: Hmm no, no condom usually, which maybe is unsecure, but I have a fix girlfriend and we trust each other. It worked so far. I had problems with condoms as well, but at one point this also worked. I think it should work with condoms as well, hopefully.

With a little help I can get quite good erections in sexy situations usually in my status of reboot. And yes it will fade away if I don't have some action for a longer time, but it lasts long enough to don't have stress. But this is definitely an advantage to earlier times, when it was really really hard to have sex anyway (and was not satisfying by the way...). It's good enough to don't have pressure, but still not in the right way of course, as it should be.

life-cubed: I have Kawasaki ZXR 1200 S, it's a bit outdated nowadays (built 2001) but still giving me a lot of fun, it was relatively cheap and is big and powerful, but you don't have do drive it fast. You also driving?

When I go into a non-O streak

When I go into a non-O streak, the flatline really worries me. I would be thinking "am i killing my penis?" "what's happening? why no libido and no erection for many days even when i see attractive girls?"