Anybody Experiment with Last's 'Embrace of Peace'?

Submitted by John G. on
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I probably came across this post --
here --

Has anybody experimented with Mr. Last's approach? My distillation of it:
1. Lay side by side, with legs intertwined.
2. Massage each other’s crown.
3. Close eyes and focus upward, into middle of forehead.
4. Visualize energy coming up your spine, from the base to the crown.
5. Visualize (energy) body filled with white light.

That, along with his quote from Dr. Stockham -- "...At the appointed time and after joint meditation the couple calmly engages in physical contact and expressions of endearment and affection, followed by the complete, quiet union of the sexual organs..." -- sounds very appealing to me. I particularly like the point on joint meditation and the calm procession into expressions of endearment and affection.

To-date, my wife (unknowingly) and I (purposefully) have only used Karezza to stabilize our moods, strengthen our marriage bond, and increase our vitality and energy (my wife does not yet buy into the spiritual and physiological thoughts behind Karezza, but obliges me in the practice of it). The benefits of continence have been real and most appreciated.

But, I would like something more than greatly improved sex and the related 'material' benefits, hence, my question.


but let us know what you notice when you give it a try. This is a giant laboratory...with much still to be discovered. Smile