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Hello to you all. I haven´t been on here for almost a year. I am 25 years old, my name is ___, and I am from the States but I have been living in Mexico since last October. To try to jog your memory, I came to Mexico for a girl, but it didn´t work out with her and she broke up with me before I came.

Anyway, I feel that I´ve hit rock bottom again and it´s time to begin the cycle again. Anyway, I just ended a nearly yearlong relationship with my girlfriend (a completely different woman from the woman mentioned above). She is a wonderful person, but I didn´t think that I was ready for a relationship as serious as what she wanted. However, with her, I had the first of what I could call successful sex (and many orgasms, which I think may have been a factor in its dissolution, even though she would think it was absurd if I said that). Anyway, in the course of this relationship, I feel that I have fallen out of balance. For example, I made plans to hang out with a female friend (who likes me and who I like too) this coming Saturday and yet I realize that the prospect doesn´t excite me as much as I had imagined. I notice that the only times I really have strong erections are when I wake up or when I touch myself. My friend is going to stay the night with me, but I´m thinking that I will tell her honestly what is going on with me.

However, I´m trying to assess the state of my de-wiredness. I suppose that I am less damaged than I was last year. I say that mainly because I would say that the majority (maybe 60 or 70 percent) of the orgasms I´ve had in the last year have been during sex with my ex-girlfriend. Also, I think that now that I am much more experienced with real-life sex, I think that my fantasies during masturbation have been a little more grounded in reality. I lived with her up until 9 days ago. Since then, I began to masturbate a lot. I masturbated daily during the first four days and I masturbated this past Sunday as well as twice today. I don`t know. And even last month, I was still getting decent spontaneous erections. However, lately, I have had to force arousal. I felt very depressed today.

What do you think? Can I expect a quicker recovery than last time (which took about 80 days, though maybe sooner since I hadn´t engaged in arousing physical contact with a woman before that time)? Or am I in the same state.

Ahh, I just saw that now

Ahh, I just saw that now there is a whole forum dedicated to rebooting and recovery. That makes me happy, at first I was a bit alarmed to see the lack of activity here, but now I understand why : ) I will repost this post there, so feel free to lock this topic if it´s possible.