The Benefits of Bonding

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I want to report a new level of understanding and experience my wife and I discovered this week. For the last three years, we have spent several weeks each summer, traveling around our state, sharing a unique children's program at public libraries. The theme is "Blues for Kids" and the purpose is to introduce little ones to roots music, polyrhythms as well as make the presentation interactive and fun.

Sadly, most kids are quite spaced out from public school, video games, television, junk food, etc., to the point where they don't really seem to know how to respond to live entertainment, especially when it's ten feet in front of them... In the past, no matter how much energy we'd put out, the kids would often sit there with dazed, unresponsive looks on their faces. Needless to say, it made me feel kind of stupid, trying to get a rise out of them. We were both dreading this years' scheduled performances.

Recently, I met a guy who has a background in stand-up comedy and music performance. I asked him for some tips, some of which actually worked quite well. In effect, his advice was, "It has to be about taking the energy and shaking it up and handing it back." In thinking about this, my wife and I decided that each day, we would devote as much time as we could, in-between performances, and go back to the hotel and make slow, conscious love and do a lot of naked cuddling as well.

Well, after each session, we were so giddy and drunk on oxytocin that it made us feel sooooo relaxed and filled up with love. Then we'd waltz into the library, after two hours of bonding, stand up in front of those kids and just mesmerize them with goofy, off-the-wall skits. It was incredible. And so profoundly obvious - they could feel the energy bouncing back and forth between the two of us.

It made us realize and appreciate, just how wonderful our society could be, how much positive transformation could be manifested, if more and more couples committed their life and work around Karezza and bonding sex.