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demonstrating that our "sexual biology is geared toward reproduction." I'm surprised the % is so low. Certainly pre-experimentation with karezza, I would have felt like a very bad lover if my partner didn't ejaculate.

But what use is research in this area that doesn't also specifically ask about a karezza-type approach? And then implies so much about satisfaction in its title?

"50.43% of women considered it very important that the partner ejaculates during intercourse, 22.6% of women stated that they experienced a more intense orgasm when their partner ejaculated."

Study and abstract: The importance of male ejaculation for female sexual satisfaction and function

For the man not to ejaculate

For the man not to ejaculate is novel for the woman and of course she’s wired to want the man to do it, but it only takes a little getting used to.

I’m always shocked at how we run these sexual programs with no consciousness or intention or examination whatsoever.