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After relapse m on day 50....As usual in flatline.In every reboot i experience my body temperature increase tremendeously without reason at any random day. Any one has experienced this???...I feel m standing in desert even if outside weather temperature is 3 or 4 degrees, i use to take cold shower but nothing seems to help. I think i have screwed my chemical balance.Due to this increase body heat, i always become tired,dry skin....exhausted...

People experience

a lot of unexpected symptoms during withdrawals. Those sound like "hot flashes," which are mysterious, but related to hormonal/neurochemical fluctuations I'd guess.

If you want to read about others' withdrawal symptoms, have a look: WITHDRAWAL

Thanks marnia..This phase

Thanks marnia..This phase remains fro 3-4 days then everything becomes normal..I am taking B complex tablets to control my body temperature its helping me a bit...still its painful...I hope i will overcome this..Big hug..


[quote=Stallion Returns]I am taking B complex tablets to control my body temperature[/quote]

More than 35mg/day of niacin (Vitamin B3) can cause flushing, which might feel like high body temperature.

Well marnia i dont think

Well marnia i dont think taking B's is real culprit here. At any random day in reboot my body temperature rises enormously irrespective of my intake of B's.So i will instead agree with your opinion its "chemical imbalance" in brain. Read this
The hypothalamus gland controls internal body temperature. The hypothalamus establishes a "set point" for the internal body temperature, then constantly compares this with its own actual temperature. If the two temperatures do not match, the hypothalamus activates temperature-decreasing or temperature-increasing procedures until the temperatures are equalized.
(Sources: Guyton, Arthur C. Textbook of Medical Physiology)
I dont know whether i am correct or not, but i never experienced this in my past. Its weird how ONLY visual stimulation like porn could damage brain chemical balance to such extent!!!