Brain chemistry...messed up.....

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At day 110....m still suffering from brain fog,tiredness,weakness....low energy......People here are worried about their ED issues..for me ED is just tip of iceburg....crucial thing is that i have messed up my brain chemistry.....I dont remember whats "morning wood"!!!!! i wake up with brain fog and weakness which continues till 3.00pm of day, after that i become somewhat better.....Always feel that i should sleep now...Was not like this before watching porn.....I occasionally feel better which lasts only for 3-4 days....then comes back this horrible feeling of brain fog!!!!!!

I do exercise, which is keeping me alive...

What do you think?....I

What do you think?....I should do that?.....To my knowledge medical science doesn't believe in adrenal fatigue...Do all people who are addicted to porn suffer from these symptoms?...or am a different case...Please share ur experiences..

Most MD's don't - but they are dead wrong

I hate to be so blunt, but I have known several people with adrenal insufficiency, and several of my teaching colleagues and ND's who treat it. It is real.

Why would cortisol (made by the adrenals) be the one and only exception out of the hundreds of known hormones? In other words, all other hormones have hypo and hyper levels. That's why we get hormones measured when we get blood tests. It's nonsense to think that cortisol could not have a hypo state.



no you are different

don't know why, there are many metabolic issues people develop. Blood work can be helpful for T3 and T4, cortisol levels, all sorts of things...

are you doing a special diet of any kind? Are you taking supplements? Look carefully at this stuff...