Can pre-cum make recover longer?

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Is it really bad if you get pre-cum from R-rated movies? I really like to watch drama-comedy movies but i am not sure if i should,even if i can stay away from porn. Almost every good movie has short sex scenes and i get pre-cum from some, i watch them to get motivation. Same is with if i cant fall asleep, some fantasy thoughts comes and i get pre-cum even if i really try to avoid them. I have relapsed many times but i have got really bad experiences after relapsing, i think i can control it now.

If it's a problem for you,

it's a problem. It's not the moisture loss that's the problem; it's the hammering of those porn cues in your brain. If I were you, I'd switch to something else for a couple of months...preferably not visual stimulation, but rather a project you do with your hands, puzzles, creative writing, exercisec, socializing, making music or learning a new language. More ideas here: ♦Solo Tools

Sounds like your brain is just urging you to get as close to porn use as you can, so it can get its fix. Better to teach it some new ways of feeling good that have nothing to do with sitting passively and staring at pixels.

Have you read this? Why Do I Find Porn More Exciting Than A Partner?

What can you find as a substitute?


Thanks for great advice. I`ll try to find something that will keep me busy and improve skills in some area.