Can Skype chatting affect reboot process?

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Basically, I've been attempting to reboot for the past 7 months and within the last month I have been Skype chatting with a woman I met on a online forum we both are involved in. Since then, I've been chatting with her for several hours per day on average. We are in the plans to meet up and explore the potential for a relationship. Since I find her very attractive and experience a strong emotional bond with her, this makes it hard for me to not have my mind go to sexual thoughts. Indeed, we have discussed many sexual matters to quite intricate detail, which results in major dopamine hits. I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts about whether or not this would slow the reboot process? Perhaps it could help since I'm directing my fantasies at one specific woman, rather than with porn as in the past? I don't engage in any other sexual thoughts, or stimuli at all. I won't be able to see her for at least 4 months, and will be not masturbating for any of that time, so I have some time to achieve progress in the reboot, but don't want to slow things down either.

During the reboot process...

...I don't watch porn at all (haven't for 7 months now), I don't orgasm,or touch myself down there at all for that matter. I do experience fantasies, but try hard not to engage them. By what your saying, that alone is enough to slow the process? If so, I will try hard to avoid that. Though, I'm wondering if the fact that my fantasies are for just her, and not for images on a screen would make the case different.

As for the reason I cannot see this woman now, it is because she lives very far from me and I need to complete my current work contract before I can consider relocation. I could meet someone locally, but it's very unlikely I would meet someone who shares my values and interests to the degree that this woman does, at least in a short amount of time, and I consider her to be an incredible person in many other ways. Also, although I agree there's a limit to the degree of emotional bond we can experience without being in person, we are able to share a depth and honesty that I have not had with any woman I've ever met. Therefore, I feel it worth it to stick with her and will be travelling to see if there's potential for more when it is more practically acheivable. She is both willing to wait for this, and eager for me to go see her, offering to contribute to half the cost in fact. So, I don't really want to break things off at this time or pursue other women.