Is this common, or am I a weird case

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Hey everyone, I am new to this site :)

I don't know if this post should belong in this section :I but here is my question anyways:

I am on day 33 with out porn, and day 8 without MO.

Many accounts that I have read say that benefits can be felt at 3 weeks or so. To be honest, I haven't really felt many benefits, or withdrawals for that matter :I. I guess as far as withdrawals go, I have just been moody since I can't have my pmo time.

I'm starting to have doubts about ever coming out of this slump that I'm in. Is it common for people to feel moody for a long time, and only to start seeing results after 2-3 months?

I am just needing some inspiration and motivation.

Thank you everyone :).

(P.S. I am going hardcore mode right now too. No fantasies, touching, or viewing. Absolutely nothing.)

I'm in the same boat

I've gone a while without seeing too many benefits. I think everyone's different. Nowadays, some days are better, and then others are worse. It's not linear, but at least I have many more better days than when I was in the throes of PMO.

I rebooted for the first time

I rebooted for the first time for 79 days. I honestly didn't see THAT much improvement. I ended up having some minor relapses and went on a couple other streaks. Recently i'm on a 60 day streak, and its just now I am starting to see some benefits that others see in just a few weeks. Keep in mind, I started back in january. I'm sure that the relapses set me back, but some people recovery fast, while others are slow. I honestly thought I was done recovering back in the summer. The best thing to do is to just quit porn and avoid relapsing because benefits will hit you when you least expect it.