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Hello ...
As You can see i am new here ... but i didnt find any other good place other than this to post my so called problem.

So, Long Story Short

I quit masturbation about 3 years ago (didn't ejaculate intentionally only wet dreams) but lately, about 3 months ago or something I practiced edging ... and I am doing well i guess, I was able to feel orgasm without ejaculation then orgasm again without ejaculation ( Holding it deep down) until i reach sexual climax without ejaculation, But Today I noticed that beside the precum, There are some drops of semen coming out from the tip ( semi white precum so i consider it semen) ...

My Question Here, Did This Consider masturbation ( i mean did this is intentionally ejaculation or something abnormal like normal masturbation) ..
Does it have the same effect as the normal masturbation ??

I just don't want to get back to the masturbation addiction again ... Hope you help

Thanks in advance and have a nice day ....

why practice edging?

Just curious as to 1) why you quit masturbation and 2) why you are edging now?


Edging is a form of masturbation. Nothing wrong with it but it can mess with our brains lots more than masturbation because it drives up our dopamine reward circuits over a long period of time compared to masturbating to orgasm.

So I would say edging has stronger effects for most guys than masturbation does. You can tell yourself that it does, or it doesn't, simply be being a close observer of your moods. It is especially evident if you have a wife or girlfriend. Your perceptions of her will really change over a few days in my experience, about 2 days later when you edge. What are you finding?

well, first i am single

well, first i am single person

1- i quit masturbation because as far as i can tell, its like something abnormal as excessive unnecessary ejaculation may cause problems later like pre-mature ejaculation.

2- well, because ( i dont know if i am right or wrong) i think that masturbation without ejaculation is not or less harmful than normal ejaculation masturbation.

This is a forum

about relationships, so we're not especially helpful or knowledgeable about people attempting perpetual celibacy with abstinence. Is that your goal?

If so, you might want to find a yoga or right-hand path tantra site. They probably have more useful tips. Smile

well, no, i am planning to

well, no, i am planning to get married sooner or later, the problem here that i am afraid that what i am doing can cause me a sexual problems with my partner later. and shall i try to quit what i am doing or its just ok.

you might want to consider

edging is probably not a good idea, but you can tell if you monitor your feelings very carefully a few days afterwards. It has powerful effects on the brain, or at least it seems to for a lot of guys. It may not for you but for a lot of guys it presents a long surge of dopamine that affects the brain much more powerfully than just masturbation to ejaculation does.

What might be better is occasional masturbation with ejaculation. Sometimes scheduled masturbation for this purpose is useful. Like once a week or once every other week. Preferably done to sensation only, without fantasy.

There are other ideas, such as solo cultivation methods set out in Mantak Chia's books. These are more energy exercises that can discharge excess sexual energy and also help you last longer and avoid ejaculations you don't want when you have partner sex. And they are a lot of fun actually. They can be very powerful. I've only done a few of them but they've been really helpful (I'm married though.) There are some guys here who have done some "solo Karezza" which could be helpful for you.

I agree with Emerson

If you're not in a relationship and otherwise celibate, occasional masturbation is probably not a big deal providing you do it to sensation and not fantasy or imagery (porn), or even tame visual stimuli like magazine ads or newspaper flyers. It just sends the wrong messages to your brain and starts a slippery slope.

I tried to quite masturbation completely when I was in my 20's and single, and I found I could not do it. The biggest barrier was the sense of hopelessness - trying to quit something forever, with the idea that the urge to orgasm would just keep getting stronger and stronger, with no prospect of relief, created a sense of hopelessness that was impossible to fight.

Being married now, I found it relatively easy to go 30 days without orgasm, without even touching myself sexually at all. A big part of that was because I knew it was only for a period of time, and that it would end. I also knew there was a 2 week hangover I had to get through, and sure enough I found the second 15 days much easier than the first 15. I could have gone much longer than 30 days, but I celebrated the milestone with some great sex (and then regretted it after when the hangover hit LOL!)

I'm not sure I'd recommend masturbation 1x per week, since the hangover lasts up to 2 weeks. 1x weekly may never free you from the cravings to do more. You may want to experiment going for 3-4 weeks and see how you feel. This will ensure that you have an opportunity to actually experience the hangover. If you never go more than 2 weeks, chances are you'll never know you're experiencing a hangover, because you don't know any different. So do yourself a favour and try 3-4 weeks while tracking how you feel daily, then masturbate and continue tracking how you feel.

For example, I never knew how badly my body responded to sugar rushes until I went 8 weeks without eating refined sugar. That was years ago. Ever since, whenever I eat refined sugars I immediately feel the buzz and I don't like it at all. I never would have noticed that had I not taken it out of my diet for a while.

Also if you masturbate I recommend doing it as quickly as possible, as a form of "release" - don't edge or stretch it out for a long session. Doing so jacks up that dopamine to really high levels and probably makes the post-O cravings a lot more intense. Plus it makes it more likely you'll set the stage for your session with porn or fantasy, in an effort to indulge in it and make the most of it. That cultivates addictive behavior IMO. Get in, get out, 30 second quickie...that would be my suggestion anyway. Others may disagree.