A dark side of neuroplasticity?

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Might there be a dark side to the increased neuroplasticity from relationships? Relationships might fall on a spectrum from unhealthy to healthy. What happens when there are unhealthy aspects mixed with a more flexible brain? Do partners potentially rewire in a negative way? I ask as a way of possibly further processing a past relationship that seemed to stir my pot in odd and perhaps negative ways. It could be that I haven’t yet realized the positive side to some shifts.

Someone may ask for examples. I don’t have clear examples. I’d say shifts that are in the values/motivations areas. It’s a bit like I shifted into or brought out some of her negative qualities. Perhaps I just became more self-aware of them in myself.

More generally, is there anything that suggests the brain wants to use neuroplasticity for its benefit? Or might the brain say learn not to use a sense or something odd like that?


Off the top, I would say the brain could rewire itself in a negative way as readily as a positive way. Since we're talking about a neurological phenomenon, I wouldn't think the brain could/would make a judgement as to whether the change was good or bad. Porn is the example that comes to my mind first. It's very easy for a guy to unintentionally encounter a kinky porn site or genre that he never even knew existed and in the matter of a few viewings find he is extremely stimulated by it. The pleasure cells start firing together and, whamo!, they're wired together.


That's why balance is so important. Judgment and boundaries tend to be more reliable when we're in balance, hence what we wire to tends to be better for all concerned than when we're choosing from a place of scarcity/victimhood feelings (low dopamihne/sensitivity).

I'm not sure I understand.

I'm not sure I understand. From balance, I can make better decisions. My experience is that even from balance, there can be a lot of mental adjustment even when maintaining boundaries. Maybe I let my boundaries slacken such that negative relating aspects can creep in. It seems like a lot of work to rewire from those negative aspects. It doesn't happen as easily as the miswiring. The best way I have found is to find another human who has had a somewhat related experience and essentially bond about these shared experiences. The more I can see all angles, the more by brain seems to adjust. That seeing seems to fire up the neuroplasticity better than other things I've tried. This is an aspect of the support system here for unhooking from porn.

I find the one-sided nature of formal therapy makes the therapy not very effective. It doesn't seem to engage the same brain aspects, at least for me. We will probably see new neuroplasticity inducing therapies that produce better results than what is presently common.