Day 200ish, still not great so just some questions

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I'm feeling alright, completely feel wired off porn now, energy up etc, but I still have concerns.

My libido just isn't as strong as I'd like it to be - how can i change this? It's a very difficult situation I'm in because I'm single and at my age no female's going to understand this problem and I can't rewire to female contact because im too scared about not achieving an erection! The dilemma I'm in is that I can't be with girls because of my problem, and not being with girls worsens my problem.

The low libido could be because of depression, but i don't feel too unhappy; any unhappiness I feel is directly because of this problem. Could any medication work, I've read that taking wellbutrin can boost sex drive?

I'm up for trying anything, literally ANYTHING, this problem has completely destroyed my life when im supposed to be in my prime (the problem may be more than just PMO) and my routine of exercising, weights, kegels, pumpkin seeds etc just isn't working enough

any help?

Human contact!

Hey easypeasy,

Sorry you're having a roughish ride. You need some human contact to get your system going. Don't worry a thing about having to perform with a chick, that's the cause of the issue right now- performance anxiety.
And what's so bad about being honest to your woman? If you're getting frisky, then just before you're expected to take off your pants tell her you're a sensitive guy, and that your little dude usually doesn't perform the first few times with a new girl.
Any girl with a bit of experience or sympathy will completely understand.

If things continue, then open up a bit about your porn addiction and say it takes six months to a year to fix. I'm pretty sure though that once you relax and start making out with her, squeezing her nipples and ass and gently grinding your member up against her that you'll be feeling something very soon.

Hell, if you're really stuck and concerned maybe hire an escort for a few sessions so you can learn to relax with her and go with the flow. They see guys with Ed ALL THE TIME, and who cares because you don't have to see them again. I don't know if that's good advice but it would be something I'd try if I really felt stuck

Good luck!