Day 5 Again!!

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Hi everyone,

Haven't posted for awhile. I went over 100 days (sorry, I stopped counting) of no PMO and in a relationship right now with a great girl. Had erections everytime we hug or make out, but no sex yet. I've always been the type that needed to be absolutely comfortable with the girl before going all the way. Now for the bad news. I started PMO'ing again a few weeks ago and felt like it had no effect on my success. Was still waking up to morning wood so I figured I was cured. That made me overconfident and I continued to PMO for the next week. Slowly but surely the nocturnal erections and morning wood disappeared and it freaked me out that all the progress is gone.

Started abstaining again on February 10 which makes today day 5 of no PMO. Good news is I woke up this morning to morning wood again. Wow, I can't believe I spent so much time abstaining and fell back into the trap again. Will be visiting this site more to stay on track with the process. Another thing that freaked me out, when I was PMO'ing again, no erections when hugging or making out with my girl. I'm afraid I've set myself back, just hoping didn't set myself back too far. Thanks for reading, hope everyone is staying strong in this fight.

Quite honestly...

being cured (functioning normally again) does not mean you can use porn safely. Porn is what did it. You are not immune to the brain changes it causes. You've already proven that. The fact that, after you heal, you can "get away" with porn for a while just means your brain was really healthy. It doesn't mean it won't start morphing anew. Sad

Gary said,

I played in traffic and got run over. Then, after I got out of the hospital...I played in traffic again.

Very happy to hear about your relationship.

Thanks Marnia

Thanks Marnia. Went out with her tonight and everything is fine again. It does seem to heal faster now after the long reboot. Hope that makes sense. Definitely not going to play with fire again. Will need to find a way to abstain long term.