onto day 5, hear my story, 60 days is the journey.

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i am onto day 5 today. I am 19 years old, male. let me start off by saying ive been watching porn since i was 12. never really had any good sexual experience. the 3 times i was in sexual positions, i couldnt get hard or aroused at all, so embarassing. i was always wondering what the fuck was wrong. i used to be obsessed with porn when i was younger, used to watch it for hours and hours it seemed. over the last couple of years, im not as obsessed with it but it seems i cant stay off of it. i would view it at least once or twice a day. i definitely have noticed a change in my social behavior, im always running away from social scenarios. don't get me wrong, i have a lot of friends but i was put in a terrible situation this year at the university i go to. it was one of the worst experiences ive ever had, im a freshman in college. No one stays on campus so im left all alone here, but good news i am transfering to Arizona State University next semester. I really need to fix my ED problems for sure. I'm a really good looking guy and really built. I play tennis 6 times a week and weight train about 4 days a week. So my physical condition is excellent. But at ASU, im going to have soooo many opportunities to get laid. So i really need to change guys.. im determined this time. i went 8 days of no PMO just a few days ago before i relapsed and binged for a couple of days. It's just so hard here at my college because theres nothing to do. But im really thinking how much better i could feel. I was on the acne drug accutane about a year ago and i was always wondering if i lost my libido from there and got really depressed about it. but then i found this website and i though this could definitely be it. Even on DAY 3, i was at Golds Gym and these 2 sexy girls were next to me bending over and shit. and my dick was actually responding! not fully hard but it was fuckin moving and i could feel all the blood rushing up. So im definitely getting somewhere, just have to have faith in God... With summer approaching too, im going to have so many opps to get laid, ive always had this social problem because of my ED. I look at life at such a different perspective now, you only live once, thats why im getting myself out there during the summer and at ASU and stopping these old habits, im sick of my life repeating. My goal is to make it to 60 days of no PMO. I can do it guys, if i really have to O, it will no doubt be from a girl during the middle of May (start of summer). stay posted and give me some feedback to keep some positivity! thank guys.

had morning wood. was thinkin about a former hookup this morning in bed and got horny as fuck but still not really hard. after that i cooled it down with the fantasizing and had a tennis match. and now im back chillin in my dorm, it was a pretty good day. STAYING POSITIVE!!!!

55 more days, lets go.