Dopamine and addiction

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So if I understands it correctly all kinds of addiction will give a unnatural blast of dopamine and then a following downregulation of dopamine receptors in beetween the nerve cell.

Does this mean that I also should try to quit my other addictions in addition to my pmo addiction? What about addiction to caffeine, sugar, junk food, video games, youtube watching etc.. How strong dopamine blast to they give in comparison to f.ex porn?

If this is the case then all addiction can influence the enjoyment of other things in life? I am thinking about the small things-girlfriend smiling at you, kids laughing etc..
I mean can my addiction to caffeine give me unnatural high dopamine stimuli that makes other things in life less pleasant? Sounds abit strange to me.

very common question

Addictions are a lot more than dopamine dysregulation. Second, a whole lot more is yet to be learned.

It appears that while all addictions involve overlapping changes, each addiction involves unique circuits within the reward circuit. Caffiene's effects on the dopamine system are minor.

In essence the fewer addictions one has, the greater the enjoyment from natural rewards. But I would just address the porn addiction before tackling anything else.