Early humans may have been sexually monogamous

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First humans may have been sexually monogamous (or at least almost), or may have come to be that way very early on, according to an interesting article in the 2014 September issue of Scientific American. This will be debated forever but I thought the article was interesting and presented opposing viewpoints as well.

Just the possibility that Org the Macho Caveman could have chosen sexual monogamy and survived quite well with it helps take another bit of pressure off men today who believe it goes against every fiber of their manhood and survival instincts to be sexually monogamous, therefore it's nearly unattainable -- and that science backs that up. Defeated by nature before even trying. Nature did also provide us with adaptability and flexibility in conditioning.

Sorry I didn't provide more

Sorry I didn't provide more info upfront. I read this article from a magazine in my public library while there. It was the latest issue of S. A. and the library doesn't let people check the latest issues out. So I scribbled down the name of the magazine and the issue date and posted it here.

Glad others were able to provide more.

what kind of argues against this

maybe, is the differential sizes and strengths between men and women.

In species that are monogamous males and females are virtually the same. In species with multiple mates, the males are bigger and stronger to compete with other males for mating privileges.

Of course, this may not be the true story when it comes to human beings.

For instance, maybe females are smaller and weaker to accomodate the different needs of pregnancy and giving birth to babies who can't function on their own for years. Perhaps this is the true reason the differential exists in human beings. Who knows...