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It has been a memorable week staying away from retreating(That was how i thought) into porn.I feel awesome expect the kind of dreams that come to me.
One thing i felt happy about dreams when it came the first day was that I had dream that i can remember after i am out of bed after many months. Today when i woke up, i had strong recollection of a dream with (porn)movie name of a female actress which was given great reviews and i badly wanted to see it.
First thing out of bed i trying googling thats how I landed here. It feels really relieving to know that its all normal in the road to re balancing the brain to discard all junk accumulated so far.:)

In the past years 25 years of my life i which i spent the past 8 years of my life time IN and OUT of porn as light/medium/Heavy/Ultra Heavy user. This period of staying away really reviving and i want to stay on this path and be a happy single who would be happy to mingle in future.....!..!