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On day 70....When we talk about PMO we should also add one more criteria to it...Yes its "Fantasy"....It should be strict a sneaky...U ll never know when it enters and slow downs your reboot process.
From past few days i was not noticing any big difference to my reboot process...I realized that i was exchanging some text massages with my friend regarding explicit sex positions and how she would like sex with me...After such conversation i used to feel relax....But the immediate next day would be worst in terms of depression and fatigue (neurochemical hangover).
It took me long time to understand me that 100 fantasies= 1orgasm/1porn clip viewing. because it gives you same dopamine rush but in small dosage. So if you want a quick result avoid all stimuli even if they are with a real women!!!....Let you brain starve for it!!!

I hate you guys with your

I hate you guys with your high quality problems....

Let's see, 70 days into reboot, friend wants to have sex with you....

Wherein lies the problem...?

Ok. Maybe fantasy is bad, but if you two do things in person, that is the rebalancing power of bonding behavior, right?

Ok, fine, guess it's just my long time without a girlfriend talking....

So what should we do with fantasies?

I'm on day 72 myself no pmo and maybe about 10 times throughout the day I have fantasies about things that are counter productive to being able to have functional sex with a person ( even though these are regarding people I currently met or people from the past or just random images of feet). But should I keep using the red x method and replace that fantasy with a visualization of my goal, or should I look Into the fantasy like Emerson says and analyze why I like whatever I like ( which is feet). An answer from someone who has done this would be preferred. I'm just confused and want to heal as fast as I can but am honestly getting impatient and annoyed of using the red x method.

Believe in Reboot..

And dont listen to people who discourage you by saying you have done enough and just dont care about those fantasies. Fact is that Your brain will tell when you become normal and can have sex...Till then Exercise and meditation....And patience!!

I never said that

It is meaningless to ask or analyze why you like something. Why do I like asparagus? I just do. I hate cashews, who knows why? LOL. I am totally not a believer in "why do I do this?" as helpful. I don't believe in therapy mostly for this reason (at least talk therapy where people tell stories about why they think or do certain things.)

Fantasy is fed and strengthens, or it is not fed, in which case it fades away. That's it. There are probably some other techniques to use, but if you picture something and masturbate to climax, you will strengthen that connection. If you picture something else, and masturbate to climax, you strengthen that instead.

That's not a big deal, really, in that it doesn't truly change who you are at your core. I used to masturbate to bondage fantasy but I am not into bondage and it isn't part of my life.

These things just strengthen or weaken connections in the brain, they don't determine "who you are" at a basic level. The bottom line is, to not feed fantasies of feet if you don't want them, and you do that by replacing fantasies of feet with other thoughts.

If you find yourself thinking or dwelling on feet and you want to stop, you have replace that thought with something else. The Red X is one of many techniques. The idea is not to feed what you have decided you want to weaken or eliminate.