Fap'd due to itchiness!

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Just when I was doing well with more determination to achieve 1 month NoFap, I flunked it due to irritation around penis corona area. The itchy sensation which caused me to rub it vigorously finally led me to eventually cum out thinking of a girl. If we suddenly stop jerking off for so long, is it very common to experience this itchy kind of feeling? When I later poured water to clean it up , I felt the pinching pain around the itchy area. Wondering what might have caused this to happen. I'm deeply disappointed to have failed yet again though.I must put up really strong barriers to relapse. Even holding it while urinating seems to make me vulnerable to relapse at times.

Throwing the flag, 15 yard penalty

I don't believe you.
Man up, be honest and quit the guilt game. There should be no guilt. Your feelings of guilt come from your self loathing and need to punish yourself.

Only then can you start an effective program of recovery

Doctor Thoughlove today.