Feeling nauseous and like vomiting whenever

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Pornographic fantasies of hardcore and fetish sex enter my mind. I first get aroused... Then feel disgusted and my stomach feels like it wants to vomit. Do you guys know what is going on?

it's what part of the brain finds exciting

something fobidden and revolting is also very exciting. That's all. It will pass so long as you refrain from watching porn.

What are you doing to try to minimize fantasy?

Sometimes the best thing is to embrace thoughts and just give them their life. I don't mean to sit there focusing on creating a fantasy. But when one enters the mind, let it stay until it's time to go. That might be better than fighting it.

You aren't a bad person or someone who wants to really do those things that your mind thinks of. It's just thoughts. Thoughts aren't real. Nobody can control their thoughts. It's okay. Just let them have their life and they will pass like clouds in the sky.

Well, without knowing a lot

Well, without knowing a lot more it's hard to say what's going on for you. People can and do have different reactions to the same things, or even the same reactions to the same things for different reasons. For me, I've experienced an increased level of distaste for pornography since I've been trying to quit watching it. I have a level of disdain for what it represents in some respects in as much as how it affects the lives of the people involved.. but if it's legal and people are doing it of their own free will, it's hard to feel to sorry for someone. My aversion is more related to the fact that it has caused unnecessary trauma in my life, and I think it's the same thing as a gag reflex for my mind.

I wouldn't think about it too much. Things only have power over us that we give to them to begin with.