This fetish is killing me

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Hey guys, has anybody 'cured' themselves of a nylon/feet/stockings fetish after the reboot?
Im on day five no pmo, not even looking at newspapers or facebook pics, its not too bad now but i know from experience I'll be up the walls soon. The longest I've gone is 44 days. I'm just wondering, like even after the rewiring process, do you still get seriously turned on by the fetish or is it just a mild temptation?

Thanks guys in advance

I would say... don't get seriously turned on anymore but ONLY if you avoid triggers.

Triggers can re-fire those sleeping nerve pathways in your brain and bring it all back.

It's why a lot of former alcoholics can't drink even a little bit.

Triggers for fetishes are very tricky due to sexual triggers being everywhere.

BUT, the longer you don't activate these nerve pathways, the sleepier they get. 

44 days is a great accomplishment. Do you have a girlfriend or wife? 

Good advice

Cheers for the advice man, you're correct about the triggers, 100%. I think it's about mentally preparing yourself 24/7, complacency is the enemy. No braw, I haven't had a girlfriend in five years. The last one I had unknowingly indulged my fetish , always wore some nylons, and I think it kinda messed up my wiring. As ur well aware, porn hasn't helped either. What about u man, hav u a partner? Ru stil abstaining?

First, yes there are stories

Go to the bottom of this page and scroll through looking for the word fetish. Sometimes we added it to the title of a reboot...just for guys like you. Smile

We're also working on a "Psychology Today" post about how guys report fetishes easing up or disappearing after they unhook from porn, but it won't be up for weeks.

It takes time for sexual conditioning to fade, and cravings get worse during the first wave of abstinence. So don't give up.

Also, post your request on these forums to hear from more guys:




I find myself looking at

I find myself looking at images or scenes on tv that trigger urges, I havnt watched porn or fetish scenes but I kno I shouldn't be looking all the same. Is thinking about sex (vanilla) and "normal looking girls" all day, 24/7 normal? I think I really need to find a girl soon.
On a positive note, I'm flying in the gym, really happy with my weights and diet is 80% clean, almost at the point that I'll start seeing real gains. Today before my workout, I had a 20 minute conversation with the girl who works there, wasn't really attracted to her but at least it was nice to talk. Wr

Writing this out has helped, day 12

Should ease up

within a week, I'd predict. It's normal for cravings to get worse for a bit. So try not to take them too seriously.

You're doing well. In general, edging and fantasizing make the whole process tougher, but both are challenging to avoid at first.