Full aura awareness

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Hello, my intuition has led me to this website. I started transmutating my sexual energy 5 months ago and had a full kundalini awaken about two months ago. I am 100% and more conscious about the importance of healing through energy. I can feel attraction of auras almost right away and have felt spiritual orgasm by being close to a person I like and likes me. On an ocassion was just a couple who was kissing next to me in the movie theater. It was kind of terryfing at first because I thought I was possesed by some kind of demon but now I understand that if I direct that energy to my heart I can actually send out good vibes to the world and that is the best form of prayer! I do not want to have meaningless sex ever again and would like to meet people who have gone though a similar situation. I tried to explain this with simple words to someone but he has no idea of what I am talking about neither he is interested in white sex. The desire to share this incredible love is bigger than anything ever in my life and an inner voice tells me I have to keep looking until I find my true soulmate and that in the meantime I can also help others.

I am learning

The best thing I can do to keep balanced is to help others and take care of my body and spirti as well so I don't feel drained. I went to the beach yesterday and helped a friend with her back pain and fibromalgia and made me feel good too! As far as partners, the time will come when it is right. I am positive about that now....thanks for the reply!!

kundalini...what makes you sure?

Please could you explain what makes you sure that you had a kundalini awakening experience. I am very curious to know just what exactly did you experience. I have been working very hard for three years on kundalini, I can say that I have had some physical and mental changes and at one stage I thought it could be due to kundalini.
I studied and researched as much as I could about kundalini and I now believe that it is almost out of reach for us "normal" people. Not sure maybe only a yogi who has reached a very advanced spiritual state can reach full kundalini. Do you practice yoga? What sort of diet do you eat?