is this a good sign?

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this is my 7th day without PMO and ive been horny as fuck all day. i can feel almost all the blood rushing to my dick. id say my errection got to 70 % . is this a good sign? ive even got horny just looking at women at the gym and at my college.

Yes, in a way

it is a good sign. I say "in a way" because it just shows that your on track. The 7th day is usually the most horny day in a reboot. Shortly after the 6th or 7th day, the urges plummet and the individual slips into a stage where they feel nothing - called withdrawal. Thats the way it's worked for me and most accounts I've read. So don't get discouraged if your libido and urges plummet soon. It's just a part of he recovery process.