Has anyone read "The Edge Effect"?

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Has anybody here read the book "The Edge Effect" by Eric R. Braverman M.D. Before you look it up, let me reassure you it is not about holding in your orgasms or masturbating to the edge. It instead deals with different types of brain chemicals and how to balance them, mainly: Dopamine, Acetylcholine, GABA, and Serotonin. Full disclosure, I have not read the book, but have read plenty about it. The book talks about how people are going to be dominant in one of these brain chemicals and how it effects their personality. I don't know how accurate the author's science is but after reading a little bit of what I found online, I could see certain things that stood out.

One of the personality that I feel I fit perfectly is High Dopamine. My personality is exactly how he explains it when I'm balanced and when I'm low (I'm usually low because of the PMO.) The reason I bring this up is because this MAY explain the differences in the effects of the reboots for certain individuals. If you naturally have high dopamine but you have kept yourself chronically low then you reboot results might be more profound: more aggressive, confident, outgoing etc. Others who reboot may have "good results" but may not see any drastic changes in their personality.

I'm only putting this out there, not verifying what the book says. It makes me look at the reboot in a different way and how it's effects can be different.

On another, somewhat related, note. I was reading some interesting things over at the reddit/nofap board and a post caught my eye. The op asked a question about the relationship between ADHD and over masturbating/porn addiction and how a lot of the symptoms are similar. It struck me because I was diagnosed with ADD when I was child. I know exactly how old I was when I started masturbating chronically, 12. That is also when my grades started to fall. I have always "tested" well and did very will in college and in placement exams but my grades on doing homework or outside projects were usually not that good. I attributed it to ADD, but now I'm not so sure. Mind you, I'm not blaming things on either ADD or PMO but it made me think about the overlap in symptoms.

Future ADHD questionnaire:

Future ADHD questionnaire:
Question 1: Do you masturbate?
Question 2: How often?

Treatment: Iron gloves, web filters, and hugs.

Maybe the economic benefits of less ADHD children outweighs the losses of less drug/porn revenues.

We're universally unique. It could be daunting to categorize why one's reboot is different from another's. Building spectral models along which people may lie though might help people feel more comfortable being oneself.

Those would be great to add

Those would be great to add to an ADD/ADHD questionnaire! Delving into that topic may be a little to much for some people though. Over the years of lurking on here I've seen tons of guys come on here and at some point mention that they have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. I can tell you, anecdotally of course, that when I go even just four or five days without masturbation (I don't look at porn) my ADD like symptoms disappear.

I think it would be impossible(without brain scan imaging) to explain why reboot accounts are different. Reading a little about this book made me think about how my personality is and what it could potentially be/go back to. I also think that without brain scan imaging, that any analysis of brain chemical dominance would just be speculation.

Without a doubt they would,

Without a doubt they would, that would be the problem. From what I had read the author talks about what the characteristics of each type are in both a normal and depleted state. In the dopamine personality I happen to fit exactly both. When I go without PMO for a while I become more of the normal state but after PMO binging I have all of the attributes of the depleted side. I will say, whether his assumptions are correct or not he does have a good grasp of how neuro chemicals work and what functions they play in our behaviors, both balanced and depleted.

That's for sure. That is

That's for sure. That is assuming that there would be research done...which there won't be, at least anytime soon unfortunately. For low dopamine you could substitute junk food, video games, gambling and of course any addictive drug. The downside will mostly be depleted dopamine or other brain chemicals.

I'm very interested in why our reboot results can vary so much. I believe you have said that for you personally you haven't noticed much(I apologize if I'm mistaken.) For me, if I go only a few days without looking at any images online or edging, I notice a significant shift in my personality. I wonder if it has to do with other outside sources like amount of exercise or what type of images (how extreme) one looks at when they masturbate.

How are you defining

How are you defining significant shift? You oscillate between two positions on a multi-dimensional personality spectrum? Do you jump back and forth or is the transition gradual? Is it predictable? 

I think it is transitional.

I think it is transitional. It may be much like neuroplasticity, which is itself gradual but is effected by neurochemicals. I don't know if it is predictable, if it is then that might lead to a placebo effect. If you think that by doing a A will turn you into X then that might be the case.

Transistional makes sense. We

Transistional makes sense. We humans are rather analog.

I've wondered about some self-fulfilling aspects. Hanging about here is a bit like being a medical student in that one can think one has all symptoms.