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I guess what to me is one of the most amazing and still kind of unbelievable things is, well, that my 'thing' is supposed to be so much more than a 'portable pleasure instrument'

The whole society is either making fun of the penis or having a strange ego-rection about it. So many men are confused and insecure about their penises. Other feel oh so very great because they think, they have the biggest or whatever.

Also the porn-industry did not really help create a healthy view of the penis... on the contrary... it's portrayed more like a violent, hard piece of flesh to forcefully penetrate a woman and to at all costs - give a man a few seconds of pleasure... how disgusting!

And then, Karezza and Tantra tell you, that the penis is supposed to be a 'healing instrument' - now that's something!

A though to getting used to. At least a positive one...

Yes, the porn view

is causing lots of folks problems, including men. We hear from young guys all the time who are realizing they are perfectly "normal" in the penis department, who had concluded they were hopelessly inadequate...based on watching porn penises. Nor did they realize that the "stars" are either taking Viagra, or injected with chemicals to keep them hard. Maybe they can engage in brutal sex because they aren't feeling much anyway due to the injections.

I'm amazed that there are

I'm amazed that there are advertisements for "male enhancement" products. I thought that was debunked long ago. The whole size thing is a fantasy, IMHO, dreamed up by opportunists seeking to exploit common insecurities.

Porn actors are usually large to increase visual impact and make it easier to film. These guys are not normal in any way and no one to be emulated. I wonder what happens to these guys as the years wear on? If disease doesn't get them at an early age it would be interesting to know what the long-term effects of those injections are. Just a guess, but I wouldn't be surprised if they end up having ED problems later in life.

As a friend once told me, it's not the size of the rod, it's the magic in the wand.


It *is* a healing tool, believe you me!! And I feel so bad for how men have come to be so insecure about their "size" (from watching porn)~~in karezza, the penis doesn't even have to be erect to give a woman heavenly feelings.

It's not the size...

...that bothers me at the moment. I'm blessed with more than enough 'size'

What really bothers me is, that since I totally stopped masturbating around one and a half months ago, is that extreme over-sensitivity.

Last night, I just tried to touch my penis a bit, got an erection very fast and had the feeling I could ejaculate every moment out of the blue... I hope this will come into balance again...

Every Guy’s Favorite Body Part and Greatest Source of Insecurity

Last summer my girlfriend had a conversation with me about guys and their equipment. It started because she and a friend saw some dude getting out of one of the dorm pools and they got a good view of his junk through his wet bathing suit. Later that day the girls were both giggling about how well hung this guy was. It was a big joke to them—but I started thinking, what did this guy have like a 12 inch long personality?

With playing baseball, living in a dorm, and going to the gym, I have spent a fair amount of time naked in the shower or locker room with a bunch of other guys. It has never really bothered me probably because I am ok size wise down there, although there is always some guy that is a little bigger. But this time I was becoming a little insecure. When we got back to our room I asked her “what’s wrong with mine?” My girlfriend was sort of shocked that I was bothered by her discussing some other guy’s junk. She assured me that she was more than happy with how I came equipped and that seeing the other guy was more gross and funny than exciting.

She told me that like most guys I was being a little too concerned with how I measured up and she gave me what I will call, “a girl’s viewpoint on the penis”. First, guys are always concerned about their penis size, their female significant others usually don’t care. Second, most guys worry more that other guys will think they don’t measure up than what girls think about their size—kind of “mine is bigger than yours” thing. Third, she doesn’t know any girl that wants a really big one in her; normal size is good for most uses. Fourth, no matter how hot the guy, their penis is still pretty ugly looking.

That is my girlfriend’s take on guys and their equipment, any other ladies out there agree with her?

Penis size

Just as every penis is different so is every woman (and her vagina) and what feels good to her~~so there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to penises and what a woman likes!

And it sounds cliched, but it's very true~~it's the man who is attached to the penis that makes it a loving, healing tool.

As far as their beauty, I happen to find my lover's penis very, very beautiful and love to look at it and touch it. I don't feel that way when I see a random penis, lol, but his is very special to me. I do believe karezza can change the way you see each other's body parts~~they become an extension of love rather than just something that gives pleasure.

It's a strange fascination

It's a strange fascination that I attribute completely to porn. A large man can really beat up a woman's cervix and leave her uncomfortable. I actually feel sorry for guys that are unusually large; they don't always have an easy time finding a long-term mate. I'm well within the "normal" range and happy that I am. This isn't a sideshow act, it's about two people relating to one another intimately.