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Im very interested learning what happens to your brain when in this stage. Googling didnt get me enough info. According to wiki hypofrontality is when your frontal, specifically your prefrontal cortex has reduced activation. What exactly happens to a person when they have hypofrontality? Bad memory? Concentration? Slower conprehension? I would love to get more information of this "state" of mind.

Here is the section on YBOP

Unwiring & Rewiring Your Brain: Sensitization and Hypofrontality


Studies are not completely clear because the reward circuit is involved with all those functions as it supplies dopamine to the frontal cortex. Lots to learn

Hypofrontality involves overactivation during addiction cues and underactivation at other times. This leads to an imbalance, where our impulse inhibition is not up to the job.

Yes it can associated with reduced working memory, and some apsects of cognition, including concentration.