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right, basically my addiction to masturbation causes dark circles around my eyes... it does, im not here for people to tell me it doesnt, i have seen this in myself, (although if anyone could explain how it does that might help).

i recently went 10 days without masturbation, albeit edging the whole time. but a personal best nonetheless.. but this was a few weeks ago, since i have been 3 days and now cant even manage a day.

i dont even want to give it up cold turkey due to the stresses that will cause, but i am willing to do so to begin with until i want to do it say twice a week (although preferably i would do it twice a week ish to begin with and be done with it)

i just need some support from people who have done this so they can do it comfortably and not excessivley, and want to know how to do this...

i have no other issues, i am not depressed, no ED, no social anxiety (complete opposite).. i just want these dark circles and certain Masturbation related acne to go away...

ANY support would be great from actual people who have had these problems (dark circles/acne) or people who happily masturbate twice a week with no problems...

(i have also made a blog under the same title)

the best advice i can give u

the best advice i can give u is honestly keep ur self busy, currently i also fighting porn and masturbation but i can see a dramatic improvement in it. the reason why u masturbate alot is because ur body is so use to creating so much testosterone that it has to keep up and u have to release it. the best u can slow it done masturbate for 1 day then go 2 days off and keep doing that till u feel comfortable and add more days to go off then add weeks and so on. try to avoid porn completely also

I've seen guys report those circles before

Why won't you go cold turkey and stop the edging? Edging makes the cravings worse and seems to retard the return to balance: What if I masturbate (edge) or watch porn without orgasm? | Your Brain On Porn

Here's what one guy said about the circles:

(Age 22) My own feelings: Too much masturbation using pornography has damaged my body physically and mentally. It was when I was 16 years old the dark circles under my eyes appeared. I'm talking about what people call "raccoon's eyes" when there is a clear dark circle under the eye. Both of my eyes have the effects. It was also at 16 when I noticed my energy really change for the worse. It just was always high energy and now suddenly it is low energy. My mind became foggy meaning I would forget different things. Leading to me always carrying around a small paper pad with a pen in my pocket.  Today, I still have the dark circles under my eyes, as well as: --The fatigue of being tired.--Energy overall is low. --A foggy headed feeling that I will forget what to do. --Only able to have an erection from viewing pornography or thoughts stemming from it. --Actual failure to have an erection when having intercourse. From when I lost my virginity to current day. --Using my orgasm as a "medicine" that will only help me sleep at night. If I don't do it then I can not sleep to bed. --I call it orgasm headaches when I masturbate that a strong headache will form in my head. It leads to an all day headache from my orgasm. --Stomach knots from orgasm. When I do have an orgasm I can feel my stomach tighten to the point where I don't want to eat from the pain.

The good news is that I've also read guys' reports that all these symptoms have improved during the months after they quit.

Here's some motivation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4ujctdYJnQ

And learn more about what's going on in your brain: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvyejdlmKpE&feature=youtu.be

One successful guy's tip (http://www.yourbrainonporn.com/age-25-ed-cured-no-more-depression-anxiet...): "Research. Read all the articles from Your Brain On Porn. Read rebooting accounts here. Read success stories. Read studies. Then, when you're tempted, you know EXACTLY why you're rebooting, know EXACTLY what will happen if you CHOOSE to relapse, and have complete confidence in the process. Any doubt, any uncertainty leads to failure. This process works! The first couple weeks are the hardest, but once you break through and start seeing results, it gets much easier."