Im not helped by PMO-abstinence?

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Hi, i was just wondering.
Its been almost exactly 4 weeks without porn, masturbation or orgasm for me now.
And ive been wondering weather it helps me or not..

The thing is ive never realy had a problem with ED when im with a woman. My problem haa been that i never come when i have intercorse.
Never ED, until two days ago.
I was then about to have sex for the first time with a girl i really like, first time sense my absinence, and when ive put the condom on, he wont stand up.

I guess it could be that i was nervos and that we didnt have so mouch forplay, but still..

Why do you think i goes backwards insted of forward with this PMO-tome for me?
Accually considering to stop it all :/

Any tips?

Sorry for all the wrongspellings...


First, try not to read into it too much. Continue w/o porn and learn to get comfortable with her. Tell her you are a little nervous and that you appreciate her patience. That will take the pressure off you. Ease into it. It could be you have raised your expectations too high.

Guys do sometimes

go backward before they improve. Have you read this page?

Delayed ejaculation is, for some guys, just another symptom of the same desensitization that causes ED. In other words, the brain needs to return to normal sensitivity to heal both problems. They aren't two different problems.

I know it's frightening, but if you've come this far, I'd give it a bit more time. There seems to be a big turning point around two months for many guys.

Sounds good. Im accoualy not

Sounds good. Im accoualy not considering watching porn again right now anyway.
doesnt really think ill get any out if it anyway, sense ive got this cute girl around.
However, does spending that king of time with her set me back a bit, or is it just positive you think?

hi again.

hi again.

Its geting harder to be pmo-free..
Ive had three slip-ups this last week, and now it just seem pointless.
Im i really helped by it and so on...

But how big of a setback do you think THREE slipups can be?
Im going to see my girlfriend in a week and i was hopeing it would all be over then, at least to the point that my libido is back to normal :/

Anyway, i just wanted to get this out. If anyone wants to give me some feedback, i would greatly apriciate it.

not as bad as four slipups

so don't have a fourth. You are making progress *now* so long as you don't PMO. It's that simple. The past is the past. We begin now, and don't begin to PMO again.

"getting over it by then" is wishful thinking.It may or may not happen. One of the worst things you can do is set unrealistic deadlines and feel pressure on yourself to perform by a certain day of the week or by a certain time of the day.

This will work out on its own time. In case you don't know it, you aren't master of your penis. It has its own mind. And the more pressure you put on him, the less he will want to perform for you.

Failure to maintain an erection and inability to ejaculate inside a woman is definitely not a great thing. And PMO leads to this. You are on the right road. Stick to it, stick it out, however long it takes. Get your natural life back.