Impact of stimulants and food on rewiring process

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Hello all,

Some of you may recognize me, I've been posting intermittently here for several months. I'm returning again with another attempt at rebooting. I've had several failures, but every time I learn something new and have a greater resolve to succeed. My dad gave me a great lesson for marksmanship which I apply to everything: As long as you keep missing the mark a little closer each time, you're making progress and eventually you'll hit a bullseye. This is absolutely true in gun sports (I have found) and in my academic and professional life as well.

So, here I am and I'm working on another reboot process. This time I'm using a tool I used previously, but in a different way; I was using a timer on my phone that had a "count upward" feature... if you've ever seen a shuttle launch and you've seen how the timer goes from T-10 sec to 0:00 and then 0:01 and 0:02 and ever upward... that's what I'm talking about. Well this time I'm starting at a set amount of time (40 days) and counting downwards. The only thing I'm counting towards though is resetting the timer after the 40 day benchmark.

Considering my porn habits and the fact that I wired to porn rather than women since I've been viewing it since I was about 11, I wouldn't be surprised if my reboot takes several months. There are some incidents that make me think it may not take that long, for example I was much healthier sexually speaking when I was 21 and 22 than today (26) and I'm doing better today than I was a year ago, although I'm obviously not 100% or I wouldn't be working on this. Regardless, I know I have a long way to go, but it's not impossible for anyone and my situation seems more hopeful than some accounts I've read about, and that gives me even more confidence.

I have a question for everyone in the forum who has experience with this and hopefully Marnia or Doug could comment and shed some light: what has your experience been or what do you think the prospects are of reducing or elminating stimulants like caffeine and high-sugar, high-calorie, high-fat foods in a reboot? I think high-calorie and high-fat foods could have an impact merely because it could improve your cardiovascular health, but from a brain-chemistry standpoint, have you seen or do you think there would be an effect?

I just finished what may be my last diet coke ever, as from this point on during the rest of my reboot I'm going to be avoiding caffeine and "overly stimulating" foods (very spicy, very sugary, very high-calorie, high fat, fried, etc.) so that I can give what my own observations are, although I suspect that they will be heavily colored by my expectation of the results...

from my past attempts i can

from my past attempts i can surely say that eating mild ,preferably veg food ,lots of fruits and vegetables does have a positive effect on the brain . whenever i was suffering from anxiety,depression while rebooting,a banana or apple helped a lot.

best of luck


Im new to this forum.
I am currently on day 5 of reboot but have previously made it to 30 days twice. I started to feel really good and then 2 moments of weakness and bang... all progress gone.
Anyway, I am responding to your post because I believe that anyone trying to reboot should avoid caffeine , alcohol, and high fat foods as they are stimulants to your central nervous system.
If I have 2/3 cups of coffee in the morning I am so agitated for the rest of the day, and avoiding pmo is almost impossible.
In fact, trying to be this addiction helps with so many other areas of your life, since I have tried to quit, I have given up alcohol, caffeine, and my diet has improved.
Also, and this is perhaps the most important thing, if anyone finds the pmo urges to hard to resist, your best weapon is actually fasting, seriuosly , try it, you lose your sexual appetite very quickly and I fast on those days where I'm really horny, it helps so much.

I agree with everything

I agree with everything neil32 said, especially the fasting. As a personal trainer, I was always taught about the importance of many small meals. I've since changed my beliefs on this and have read a lot of research on the benefits of fasting. Check out Mark's daily apple, they have a ton of stuff about fasting and it's health benefits but I also see it as far as having anti-craving benefits as well.