The Importance of Socializing

Submitted by adamkodee on
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It was a mistake to think it was better to stay away from all women for the duration of the reboot. It was a decision that came from fear. I was scared of having that awkward conversation explaining my addiction and the reboot process.

But now I understand that when you finally start coming out of the flatline phase and start to have cravings again, you really need to have replaced P with something in the real world.

Almost daily now, I'm browsing softcore P galleries. I'm really scared I can't control it and I'm undoing everything I've accomplished in the past 6 weeks. I feel I might as well have relapsed. I'm completely down on myself, depressed, and most of all, craving sex.


I very much agree, Adam.

I know it feels despairing when you can't seem to stop. But if my experience is worth anything, then it says that you are onto something good when you say "you really need to have replaced P with something in the real world." I am convinced that simply saying "no" to PMO is nearly impossible without first saying "YES" to helping others, socializing, joining a club, or some other healthy activity that you enjoy.