Janet McGeever | It's called Making Love isn't it?


No, I didn't

A site member posted something her partner Gene wrote and I found this talk on her site. We've since exchanged some emails and it turns out she often recommends our book. She also plans to put up content related to Gary's site somewhere.

It's fun meeting new members of the effort. Strictly speaking, she's a Diana Richardson trainer, who teaches the same material in Australia. But those folks always find our book useful for getting across the fuller picture about conventional sex with orgasm. Better to have their students project their reactions to the bad news onto us. Wink

posted on facebook

Just as an experiment i posted it on facebook. I am secretly hoping my older kids watched it but it was interesting that nobody commented on it. I guess it's true, in general context, when they say don't talk about religion, politics and sex. I guess i ignore the political banters that people put up so my post must have fallen in line with that. Oh well, no harm done. Maybe someone got something out of it.

Even if someone

found it interesting, s/he might not like to say so in a public forum, where the "mood" is quite different.

I think it's good you did this. Can't hurt.