Karezza Alchemy & the Rough Ride

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I haven't posted for awhile because we've both been going through a rough ride. I realize that Karezza probably isn’t for the feint of heart. It has its own built in hazards. I don’t think I would have said this two months ago, but I now know that when you work with a committed partner, the presence of life's inherent divine sexual energy is something that has a way of stripping your self-identity from you.

What is really interesting is this: if a couple can calmly keep with daily bonding behaviors, without holding expectations of the other, there is an incredible kind of alchemy that takes place. Now we seem to have even less tolerance for oppression, discord, or the distractions of daily life that are often so commonplace in modern society. We're sitting quietly for hours, close to each other, watching our pain bodies rise up and pass through. And we remark quite often that it is the Karezza practice that initiated all this. I think it is safe to say, that Karezza has been a catalyst for us, not unlike the process of turning lead into gold, or rather, suffering into peace.

I've often thought that this practice

heals whatever keeps us from true union...whatever that is. And usually there are various layers to our defenses (the things that convince our ego that we're better off separate). But the problems do eventually evaporate if you stay with it.

I admire your courage - both of you.

do you think

that your rough ride is a result of Karezza per se, or elements in your relationship that surfaced through Karezza, or elements in your personal selves that surfaced as a result of Karezza, or some combination?

And how long did this rough period last?