Karezza practice physical phenomenon

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Hi guys
I want to share an experience my wife and I had last night when we connected, and want your thoughts and if you ever experienced something similar.

We put on sleep relax rainforest sounds, and connected in spoon position, with intent to fall asleep as such.
After a while of stroking etc, I could feel my erection starting to fade, but not to the extent that I won't be inside her, and almost flacid, I felt a hot droplet fall on top of my penis, and her vagina literally grabbed my penis by its base with her vagina opening and my penis grew to full reaction inside her again, for the full duration of our exchange. It was like they were doing their own dance together, like they had a mind of their own, as both of did nothing consciously, it just happened by itself, and we just let them do whatever they wanted.
Was really special and I can't wait for the next time to see where it goes and play for longer.

That is for sure

I believe that couples need to share what they would deem others to find "weird" and not feel they would be judged.
I think this community is one that would least of all judge, I mean, if I have to share this story in public radio, I might be labeled some kind of freak or someone busy with occult things.
But like marnia said, we need to experiment and share, regardless of outcomes, so we build towards something that could really change someone or a couples lives profoundly.
We put our hand up as a couple to be part of this lab experiment


No what I meant was that if a "lab" opens up, we would gladly participate in experiments suggested by other couples and visa versa