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how do kegels (pelvic floor muscle contractions) come into play with karezza? before karezza i was trying other stradegies for increasing stamina and many centered on strong pelvic floor muscles. can this be incorporated in non orgasmic sex?

Havent seen this

the excercises ive been using were western stamina excercises. id love to see the taoist version though. the link sends me to a brief descrip. can i find the excercises in detail on this website?


interesting, but one thing confused me. one mans experience cites an ancient Taoist practice of reaching and staying in a highly aroused state. in essence edging:
"Together we learned how to bring me to an extraordinarily high level of arousal and maintain this state for extended periods...We found that during extended play, once a certain saturation threshold was reached, a state of euphoria takes place that can be described as a “whole body experience” or “Waves of Bliss”, etc. as the ancient Taoists describe." but in karreza we stay away from the edge correct? Is karrezza derived from a different era of taoist philosopy where we DO NOT edge? Are the "waves of bliss" the cause of semi orgasmic neurochemistry? the man goes on to testify that he does not experience the "negative neurochemical cascade effects of ejaculatory orgasm." Can you help me to understand this?

yeah well

there are several schools of behavior here. Look up a member here, Virgil, who was or is following that practice, the waves of bliss, during intercourse.

Everyone has to do what works for them. I stay away from the edge for sure at least so far. I'm not sure but it seems when I get to close to the edge the really wonderful feelings tend to end for awhile, at least a few days. I can have waves of bliss but for a few days after it seems as though I had an orgasm and I don't like how that kills a lot of the wonderful feelings.

But everyone has to experiment here. Part of the fun.


It IS confusing

We find if we go too close to the edge it tends to make us more and more likely to orgasm in another encounter, even if we manage to stave it off in that particular encounter.

As emerson said, "Find what works for you."

Testicle breathing

Marnia, You say your favorite exercise name is testicle breathing. Is it just the name or do YOU practice testicle breathing....if you do I love to hear the details!?!?


I'm a big fan of kagels. Lets face it, we all get closer to the edge than is good for maintaining control and a nice strong kagel can be the difference between glancing over the edge as you pull back or falling right over the edge. I dont make a habit of kageling on every stroke but when that moment comes and you need it its great to have the control. Practicing kagels also put you in touch with that part of your body, a good thing in my opinion.