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Hey guys it's been couple years since I didn't post here, (I'm not a big internet blogger) but I wanted to tell you guys what's going on. So earlier I found this site cuz I was having a porn problem which led to me thinking I was gay or something. So it's been 2or -3 years and I will still admit I still view porn but at the same time there are some days in which I control my self or just don't view it. For example mon-thur I might view porn but then when it comes to fri-Sunday I'll just not view it. Now my porn addiction has changed dramatically such as the fact that earlier in life is I would watch straight porn then went to tranny and now time to time I view gay porn (but I don't climax on gay porn). Now I still Wonder I could be bi but at the same time I can view my self or think about having sex with a male , just not my thing. I wanted to also mention I have finally had sexual contact with a female for the first time (was pretty nervous) in the beginning we made out and I had a solid hard on but when it came to the sexual part my hard on just decreased,I don't know why that seemed to happen I was pretty excited to have sexual contact (in the end I got a blowjob and I did climax ). Something weird happened after my sexual contact for 3 days straight I can't seem to have a regular boner even when I viewed porn. 3 days later I viewed porn and can't seem to have a solid hard on even when I forced it , is t because I had sexual contact idk but from what I learned still from this experiamce is that if you don't stop viewing porn you change change maybe your sexual orientation when you don't mean too so in that case I'm still going out 100% effort to lay low from
Porn especially when I have the second chance of having sex with this girl.

Sorry things didn't go as planned

This is no longer a porn recovery forum.

Have a look at this video: (It's useful for all ages.)

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Good luck!