looking for a female courtly companion :)

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Hello, everyone! I'm a single, super curious 16-year old who would be very interested in a courly companion to share experiences with.

Courtly companion requirements

What are the requirements to be a courtly companion? I have no experience of living with someone struggling with a porn addiction. I read about Karezza, came to this site and have been blown away by the experiences people have described. It is incredibly moving to read about. I am single, and a mix of strength and weaknesses. I miss human touch, but I'm afraid of crying like a baby with a cuddle partner. I would like tenderness and gentility and would show the same, but maybe I am too eager for a relationship to be a companion. It seems that the courtly Companion is not supposed to be available for a relationship, and I am. I am afraid I wouldn't have the loving disnterest that one should have, because I am not getting the bonding and affection I need. In other words, I'd like to do this, but maybe I'm not the right material because I don't know what is expected.