Looking for a woman who can be my courtly companion

Submitted by Tian2rayn on
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I'm looking for a woman of any age who can be my courtly companion. I'm 18 years old only, and i'm yet to experience Karezza sex. So although i'm aware courtly companion 'matchmaking' is a random process, i would appreciate someone who has experience with sex and Karezza sex if possible.

I'll be respectful during communication, and i'm not interested in forming any 'romantic connections', or anything like that. I just want to learn about women and what they really want. In return, i can give a woman an insight into the male mind. Apart from anything too personal, i can talk about anything you desire :) i'm okay with everything!

I know that the waiting time for a female companion is a long time, but i hope i can make a worthwhile and informative friendship someday on here. Until then, thanks for reading :)